Kick The Buddy MOD APK

Latest version of kick the buddy mod APK is already out and we will provide you latest file which you can download to use the modified version of game kick the buddy APK.

You don’t get a chance many times in your life to relieve your stress and anger on your buddy. Online game Kick the buddy is providing you an opportunity to take your frustration out on your buddy and luckily this buddy will still remain your friend.

Kick The Buddy APK Details

App NameKick The Buddy Mod Apk
Last Updated2 Days Ago
Android Req5.0+
GenereFight Game

In modern fast paced and stressed life when almost everybody is bothered by some type of stress but there is no one on whom you can take this frustration out. In old times there was a boxing bag on which you can hit hard to feel relax when angry on someone.

But kick the buddy original game can be downloaded from Google Play Store but Kick The Buddy APK MOD version providing you with an opportunity to kick the buddy as hard as you can without hurting yourself with all the weapons and power of GOD without nay delay.

You may kick the buddy with punches and collect gold coins and these gold coins will unlock more advanced weapons for you.

Kick the buddy latest version is available with all new weapons and powers for you. Your buddy online available for you anytime to help you in feeling calm and comfortable.

Access to your buddyman in kick the buddy online game is very easy as it is available on various platforms for you.

  • It is available online on web to kick the buddy whenever you have time
  • Kick the buddy game online version is also available in Google play store through android application.
  • IOS version of kick the buddy is also available.

With passage of time kick the buddy game has improved and its not only about kicking the buddy but now you can also try different things like explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze, toss and whatever you want.

Kick the buddy is not just another stress relieving game but it is one of its kind which give you pleasure and sense of achievement once you are done with hitting the buddy.

What is APK?

APK is an android app created for any game. You can download this game directly to your device if you download it from goggle play store, or if you look out for any other option than you have to download in manually.

What is MODAPK?

MODAPK is the modified version of the app which will provide user access to some locked items which is not available from official app or can be only be unlocked after some amount of time when you have achieved certain amount of wealth in the form of coins or reach certain amount of expert level in the.

Plot of the game

Kick the buddy only has one character which is unlike other android app games, which normally have a family of character which includes a friend circle, group of enemies or immediate family for which you have to play game.

Kick The Buddy

Kick the buddy’s only character is a rag doll that doesn’t have any powers. Buddy is available to you to take out stress through different weapons and powers. Buddy is helpless and you can hurt it as many times as you can.

Dont worry your buddy will die when you hit him but he will come back to life and be with you again. People might think game a bit violent, but its better to hit a rag doll in stress rather than hitting someone close to you and make your relations sour with them.

Weapons used in Kick The Buddy

Earlier in the article we have discussed that there are many weapons which you can use in hitting your buddy to release your stress. Below is the list of weapons which you can unlock in the game after achieving different targets and obstacles.

But you can also unlock these weapons as early as first day by using modapk version of kick the buddy game.

There are more than 400 weapons available to you in different categories which you can use against the buddy to mutilate him and relax yourself.

Cold Weapons
Power of Gods
Nano Weapons
Grand Prix
China Town
US Holiday

Look and Feel of the Game

System Requirements for Kick The Buddy

Like every other game kick the buddy also has some minimum and recommended system requirements to make user feel the best gaming experience while playing the game.

For android users minimum requirement to play the game is 5.0+ which will give you the pleasant gaming experience while playing the games on your android devices.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

Audience of this Game?

The game is stress reliever and mostly played by children in their teens but due to mental stress now a days peoples from different age irrespective of gender is becoming audience of this game.


MOD APK version will provide you early access to weapons and powers and you don’t need to wait for certain time to pass before you get the weapons on your armory.

My Verdict?

Game is an stress reliever, although some of the parents reviewed this as a game which can have bad affect on children but its good to release your stress through an online game rather than releasing it on your immediate companions and friends.

Download Kick The Buddy Mod APK

kick the buddy modapk version can be downloaded by clicking the below link and it is as easy you get to get the powers and weapons and enjoy the game at full version even from the first day.

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