Kick The Buddy All Weapons

What you do in anger or when feeling frustrated? Yes! You start smashing things on the floor or try to take out your anger on someone. We are providing you Kick the Buddy all weapons hack version in this article. Kick The Buddy is a game where you can do this online.

As we have already discuss in detail in our previous article that Kick The Buddy is an online game through which you can take out your stress and frustration on your buddy and the buddy still continue to love you.

Benefit of Kick The Buddy All Weapons MODAPK

Just like in your real life you don’t get everything first time, you need to stay calm and wait for your turn after passing small landmarks and only then you will get some new things under your belt. But here in this article we are providing you solution of it.

Kick the Buddy game doesn’t provide you access to all the features at first go and you have to wait till certain levels before you get new weapons. KICK The Buddy all weapons unlocked APK version will help you in getting all range of weapons to test on your buddy.

One of the major headaches for online gamers is to purchase weapons or powers if you want to proceed to next level. Kick The Buddy Best Weapons MODAPK will help you in getting new weapons and powers of God for free which will help you in releasing your frustration on your buddy in different ways.

Kick The Buddy APK Details

App NameAll Weapons MODAPK Kick The Buddy
Last Updated3 Days Ago
Android Req5.0+
GenereFight Game

What Types of Weapons You Get ?

When you download MODAPK Kick The Buddy All Weapons you can buy loads of new stuff without spending a penny. List of items you can buy includes various Fire Arms, Explosives, Bio Weapons, Nano Weapons in arms category whereas you can also get access to Music, Machines, Objects, Appliances, Foods, Sports and Power of God .

These are just few of the items that we listed but in real game you will get free access to 455 items, yes you heard it right 455 types of items that you can use on your buddy and get yourself relaxed.

How To Start?

The game starts with a buddy a standing alone and waiting for you. When you click on the Buddy it will get smacked and the fun begins immediately.

Now you ll continue to hit buddy and he will get injured every time and eventually die but there is nothing to worry because he will be back to life and be your friend again.

Download Kick The Buddy All Weapons MODAPK File

You can download required MODAPK while by pressing below button. As this MOD version is not available on official google play store. So its high time to get your MODAPK version of Kick The Buddy with all weapons hack.

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